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Welcome to the resource page for the Me and my world virtual lesson.


Introduce students to the series Little J and Big Cuz.

Little J and Big Cuz is an Australian animated series, the main characters are Little J and Big Cuz, a couple of Indigenous kids living with their Nanna and their pet dog, Old Dog.

The animation is set at Nanna’s home, in the backyard and at their school. Sometimes they leave this everyday world and go on adventures to Saltwater, Desert and Freshwater Country where they find out about culture, community and country.

Introduce the episode to the students, Little J Big Cuz, Big Plans.

Here's a still from the episode. Show students the image and ask them to predict what is going to happen in the episode.


To guide their thinking, ask them to consider the episode title 'Big Plans' – what does it mean if someone says they have big plans or a big plan? What might this story be about?

Watch the episode on NITV - it's free and should play without needing to register.

Watch the episode.

After viewing:

Ask students if they enjoyed the animation? Why? What stood out to them?

Ask students to describe how Little J feels when being left out? Have they ever felt left out like that?

What was Little J’s solution to being left out? What do you think about how he deals with being left out? How do you like the idea he comes up with?

Story sequence activity

Use the worksheet below, where the order of the events in the episode are mixed up and the students are required to re-order them correctly.

This activity allows students to identify the sequence of actions that led to the ultimate resolution of all friends playing in the obstacle course.

For more, Little J & Big Cuz classroom resources head to

Post lesson

Using the prepared worksheet students draw a character and the setting of the story. They could also write about what the problem might be.

Students present their work to the class or share it with ACMI Education: