Stories of the Screen resources

Welcome to the resource page for Stories of the screen

Pre-lesson activities

Foundation-Year 4

Activate thinking around the moving image with flipbooks using the template and instructions provided. 

Years 5—11

Give the technology/screen text match-up a go.  

This is a chance to encourage thinking around the incredible history of innovation in moving image technologies. 

It’s more challenging than it looks, so it’s most fun done as an all-class exercise or in groups. The Powerpoint and Keynote versions include links to more information. But there’s also a printable pdf version that has a page of clues as well.

Encourage students to think about and explain their thinking as they work out which items link together.  

Groups of students could create a similar challenge to share with others, maybe focusing on innovations in moving image from the past decade.

Preparing for your Virtual Lesson

Please join one of our test videoconferences by yourself prior to the lesson. You will have received information about this when you got the link to this page!

We encourage student participation and sharing of ideas, so prep your students to know this might involve them having to come closer to the microphone being used in the session.

Some situations might require you the teacher to relay student's thoughts and responses to ACMI presenters yourself. 

Acknowledgement of country

At the start of each lesson, ACMI Educators acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we're on.

We also encourage participating schools to acknowledge the land they are on. Find out more about acknowledgements and view the Traditional Owners map on the Aboriginal Victoria website.

Post-lesson activities

Foundation-Year 4


Extend learning with this reflection activity

  • What is one thing you learned that was new, that you had never heard before?
  • What is one thing that was familiar, that you have heard about before?
  • Is there anything you learned that surprised you?
  • What is something you want to learn more about?


  • Encourage students to share their responses.
  • As a class choose 2 or 3 topics that you would all like to learn more about.
  • Present your shared discoveries as a collage. 

Delve further

  • Watch early films by Georges Méliès.
  • Explore the arrival of colour with The Wizard of Oz.
  • Watch Toy Story -- the very first feature animation made entirely using a computer.
  • Students interview grandparents and other elders about their first memories of (a) television, (b) colour television and (c) VCRs.
  • Students interview family and friends about their favourite videogames.

Years 5-11

Complete the Stories of the screen quiz. Make it fun -- it is not a test, but a chance to build on the virtual lesson and fuel further enquiry. 

Use the prompts and challenges in the resource below to explore moving images of the past, present and future. Choose the prompts that best suit your learning program. Students can work in groups, pairs or individually. Make sure what they make and learn is shared with the rest of the class, or year level.