Young kids participating in stop motion building block activities in ACMI's Gandel Digital Future Lab
Stop motion workshop


ACMI school holiday animation challenge

For young creators 12 years and under

Attention young animators

We're challenging you to create a short animation (30-120 seconds) in any style you wish. In creating your animation, you need to refer -- in any way you like -- to 'spring'.

You have until 6pm Wed 29 September to submit your entry. ACMI CEO Katrina Sedgwick will be the judge, and the winning entries will receive an ACMI prizepack and be screened on the ACMI Education YouTube channel.

To get you started, we're sharing some 'tips and tricks' and resources to support you on your creative journey.

The Rescue lego animation

How to enter

We're making this nice and simple. You can share your entries with us as soon as you have finished.

Make sure you have told your parent or guardian that you are entering ACMI’s competition and that they are happy for you to include their contact email address with your entry. Ask them to check out the competition Terms and Conditions below.

Ask your parent or guardian to help you upload to YouTube and complete this typeform.

You can find a 'how-to' on uploading videos to YouTube below.

If you have any problems with the entry process, you can email us --

Make sure you don't leave the YouTube upload until the last minute, as we can't accept entries after the cut-off time and date.

Top down animation 2160 x 1023

Tips, tricks and helpful resources

Getting started

  1. Decide what kind of animation you want to create. You can get some ideas about different types of animation here.
  2. Now brainstorm the story you want to tell or the idea you want to share. For a short animation, it is best to keep it simple.
  3. Plan your animation with a storyboard. This can be super-quick -- you don't need to be very good at drawing -- but will be a great help once you start creating. There is info on storyboarding in our Film It resource.
  4. Animation can take a long time to produce, so remember, the challenge is to make an animation between 30 and 120 seconds
  5. Start animating. Why not use our Make a stop-motion animation resource as a guide! It gives you information about equipment, character creation, set-up, frame rates and much much more.

Other resources

As well as ACMI resources, you might like to explore: Animateclay and MakeMovies for more ideas, info and support.

Animation programs

Stop Motion animation can be done using heaps of different techniques and Stop Motion Studio for tablets (iOS and Android) as it’s free and reliable. There's also a reasonably priced desktop version for anyone wanting to plug a DSLR camera or webcam into their computer and create that way Download Stop Motion Studio onto your smartphone or tablet.

Have you coded with Scratch at school?  You might like to make your animation using Scratch.  In the tutorials, there are a few on animation.  Have a look at Animate a character, Code a cartoon and Animate a sprite to get started

stop-motion animation hot house.jpg

Some inspiration from other creators

Be inspired by animators who have entered ACMI's Screen It competition but don't expect to achieve anything quite as ambitious. These animators had months to create their work. Remember you only have a few days. Check out the playlist

You can also watch one of our favourites below -- My Cat has Issues.


Entries close 5pm Wed 29 Sep

Cost to enter