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DigiCon 2023

Onsite at ACMI


Tue 21 – Wed 22 Nov 2023


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2-day conference


2-day conference–Concession


Unlocking the educational potential of video games and digital technologies

ACMI proudly presents DigiCon, the ultimate conference for education, technology, and gaming enthusiasts! DigiCon brings together the DLTV annual teacher conference, the Games for Change Asia Pacific festival, and ACMI's Games in Education Teacher Summit.

This two-day event is dedicated to advancing and sharing innovative practical knowledge of using video games and emerging technologies in education, health, civics, and society. Be part of the movement advocating for the use of these technologies for the greater good.

DigiCon welcomes primary and secondary teachers, serious game developers, academics, and anyone passionate about implementing games and tech to bring positive change to our world. Don't miss out on this transformative experience at DigiCon!

See the full program and speakers here.

Day 1 (Tuesday 21st November) Videogames in education, Games for Change and digital technologies curriculum focused streams.

Day 2 (Wednesday 22nd November) Digital Technologies focused day with sessions for educators in Early Years, F–10 and VCE, with additional videogames in education sessions.

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Please note tickets are still available. Please contact education@acmi.net.au or phone (03) 8663 2583 if you have difficulties booking.

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ACMI, Fed Square

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