Don’t play-down PLAY - play and learning

Presented by Troy Innocent and Daniel Teitelbaum as part of Games and Evolving Technology 2020

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.

Meet Troy Innocent, teacher and creator of 64 Ways of Being, a mobile platform for experiences blending live art, game design and public art, and Daniel Teitelbaum, play facilitator at Playful Thinking, performer, radio broadcaster and educator.

This live session explores how play is a fundamental building block for learning. Recognising that play-based learning can foster the creation of rich, imaginative worlds and stories, Troy and Daniel will demonstrate how your classroom can be a happier and more connected one.

Play offers a risk-free environment that encourages us to experiment and try new ideas. It builds on the strong sense of curiosity we are born with and can motivate questioning, inquiry, problem-solving and collaboration.

Dr Troy Innocent

Innocent is an urban play scholar and creator of 64 Ways of Being, a mobile platform for experiences blending live art, game design and public art. Based at RMIT University, his work connects digital media poetics, creative code, visual language, mixed realities and playable cities. Innocent develops augmented reality games that blend physical objects with digital interfaces to reimagine everyday urban environments in playful ways; situating his work in Melbourne, Bristol, Barcelona, Istanbul, Ogaki, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong. Working with the city as a material, his practice explores ways of being that reimagine, reconfigure and reconnect with the world.

Daniel Teitelbaum 

Daniel Teitelbaum is the lead facilitator at Playful Thinking where he works to discover playful tools in education, game design, theatre, philosophy, psychology and science to apply to the challenges of our work, our communities and our personal lives. Daniel’s education background is in Philosophy, Law and Theatre Studies. He is also an associate teacher of design at Monash University, a radio broadcaster on 3RRR and a regular guest on ABC Radio Melbourne. Previously he was the head of content at The School of Life Australia where he led the recruitment and training of the school’s facilitators and the review and management of class and workshop content.


Mon 16 November



50 mins


Free event but registration essential

Games and Evolving Technology 2020