Teacher professional learning

Game Lessons: Horrible Goose Terrorises Town!

For primary teachers experienced in teaching with games

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.

Build print and media literacy using videogames. In this session, teachers will discover how they can use the popular and hilarious Untitled Goose Game to explore conventions of text types in news journalism. The focus is on learning how different forms and perspectives can change the way the same events are represented and on challenging students to create their own recounts and persuasive texts.

This is a free event but registration essential. This teacher professional learning session for Game Lessons will take place online over Zoom.

Year: 6

Game: Untitled Goose Game (made in Melbourne)

Minimal Tech Requirements: YouTube clip, Internet Browser (no console required)

On sale Monday 15 March.


Tuesday 11th May 2021



Free for teachers