The Day is Over
The Day is Over, 2021, dir. Qi Rui

MIFF presents

MIFF Schools

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.

MIFF Schools returns in 2021, running from 2 to 16 September on the festival’s digital platform MIFF Play. The program was chosen with a view to presenting high-quality, diverse films in some of the languages commonly taught in Victorian schools: French, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese and German

Each film can be booked for $35 (incl. GST) per stream.

Head to the MIFF Schools page for more information and bookings.

MIFF Schools Program

A School in Cerro Hueso

Argentina (2021, dir. Betania Cappato, 69 mins)

It's a Summer Film!

Japan (2020, dir. Sōshi Matsumoto, 97 mins)

Mission Ulja Funk

Germany (2021, dir. Barbara Kronenberg, 94 mins)

The Day Is Over

China (2021, dir. Qi Rui, 108 mins)

The Fantastic Journey of Margot & Marguerite

France (2020, dir. Pierre Coré, 89 mins)


2 - 16 September, 2021