Online program Years 7-10

Writing for the screen - Secondary online

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series

Calling all secondary students Yrs 7-10 interested in storytelling for the screen

In Writing for the Screen, students will:

  • develop ideation skills and learn about what makes a good film story
  • learn about characterisation, theme, characters arcs, and how to incorporate them into story structure
  • advanced tips for writing scripts
  • how to develop pitch documents and other pitching skills

This program consists of two one-hour videoconferences, as well as at school/home lessons that can be self-directed.

ACMI acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training, Victoria, through the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment series initiative.


31 August & 7 September



Free event but registration essential



Student registration must come from a teacher or a school higher-abilities coordinator. If you're a parent of a student or are a student wanting to self-register, please speak with your school about registering or contact us.

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