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Positive start 2022

Department of Education and Training, Victoria initiative

ACMI is excited to partner with the Department of Education and Training to offer unique, fun excursions to help students bounce back into the world and experience the richness of Victorian life and culture following the disruption to their schooling, friendships and connections with learning.

ACMI will help schools to enrich students' lives and create lasting memories by offering free access to the programs below, or a bus subsidy to support a free visit to our ongoing exhibition, The Story of the Moving Image.

Positive Start is open to all Victorian Government schools and low-fee non-Government schools. NB priority will be given to schools with students experiencing geographic or socio-economic barriers, rural and regional schools, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students in out-of-home care, students with a disability, or students of refugee background.

  • Film programs: we screen a range of films, each with an introduction, talk, or extended lecture (depending on the targeted year level)
  • Talks: our cross-curriculum screen culture talks explore film, television, videogames, and animation, and are ideal for Years F-10
  • Workshops: choose from the innovative hands-on and immersive workshops listed below

How do I apply for an ACMI Positive Start program?

Please ensure you are an eligible school before applying. All Victorian Government Schools are eligible, as are low fee non-government schools.

When you book, in the 'additional notes' section, write 'Positive Start 2022 Funding Request'. Please note the confirmation email you will receive after your booking is not confirmation that your application has been approved. We aim to contact teachers/schools within 5 business days of requests to confirm.

You can find all available programs below:

ACMI acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training, Victoria, through the Positive Start in 2022 initiative


Terms 1-4, 2022

Available programs

Please scroll down to find film programs, talks, and workshops available as part of the Positive Start 2022 program

Positive start enquiries

Have any questions about the program? Feel free to contact the Education team:

+61 3 8663 2441

Check out all eligible film programs

Positive start film programs
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Check out all eligible talk programs

Positive start Talk programs
'Look behind you!' - students watch a performance in the Fairytales and Fantasy Education workshops

Positive start workshops and exhibitions