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Years 7-10

Changing the Game: Virtual Lesson

Virtual lesson

Discover the history of videogames, how they've changed over time, and the change they're bringing

Videogames haven't just had impacted culture, they've had a huge social impact as well. In this talk, students consider representation and accessibility through videogames and explore how videogames have evolved to be more than just entertainment.

This lesson focuses on:

  • the impact of games culturally and socially
  • issues around representation and accessibility in videogames
  • how videogames go beyond entertainment
  • games as tools for change

Term 2 bookings are open. Book via invoice or using Credit Card.

Term 1, 2021 bookings are still available. To book a session for Tues-Thurs at 9:15am 10:30am, 11:45am or 2pm, please email

This is a live virtual session run by ACMI Educators. It includes interactive activities and student participation.


Tuesdays-Thursdays during Term 1 from Feb 9

9:15am, 10:30am, 11:45am, 2pm


Per class / up to 30 students



45 mins


Term 2 bookings are open.

Book via invoice.

Book using Credit Card.

Term 1, 2021 bookings are still open via email.

How to participate

Lessons are delivered via Zoom.

You will receive resources and log-in details at least a fortnight prior to the lesson.

Learning areas and capabilities

Media arts, Critical and creative thinking, Technologies, The arts

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