Phenakistiscope disc (Politeness)

Years 3 & 4

Optical toy discovery

Workshop + exhibition visit

Transform traditional animation using augmented reality

Make a classic flipbook come to life on screen, and explore pre-cinema optical illusions toys. In this workshop, learners connect the history of animation and optical illusions with augmented reality.

Students will:

- develop an understanding of animation principles

- make optical illusion toys

- transform their creation using augmented reality

Learning areas and capabilities

Important information

This workshop runs for 105 minutes and includes a group visit to the ACMI exhibition at either 11:00 am (afternoon booking) or 12:00 pm (morning booking).

Available from July 14, 2021


Wednesdays and Thursdays during school terms

9:45am-1pm, or 11am-2:30pm


Per class / up to 30 students



Book via invoice (P.O required)

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