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Full-day workshop

Writing for the Screen Years 9-11

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series

Calling all senior secondary students interested in storytelling for the screen

In Writing for the Screen, students will:

  • develop ideation skills and learn about what makes a good film story
  • learn about characterisation, theme, characters arcs, and how to incorporate them into story structure
  • advanced tips for writing scripts
  • how to develop pitch documents and other pitching skills

This full-day program is part of the Department of Education's Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series and is open to Government school students with a keen interest and understanding of storytelling, writing, screenwriting or film.

ACMI acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training, Victoria, through the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment series initiative.

Bookings for Term 2 open March 15, 2021.

Department of Education Victoria


Thu 10 Jun 2021


Important information

Student registration must come from a teacher or a school higher-abilities coordinator. If you're a parent of a student or are a student wanting to self-register, please speak with your school about registering or contact us.