2017 Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia

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Through a yearly, not-for-profit arts festival, the Czech & Slovak Film Festival of Australia (CaSFFA) celebrates and promotes a contextualised range of classic and modern Czech and Slovak cinema to both Australian and expatriate audiences.

Programmed to the theme of “Neighbours”, this year’s landmark edition of the festival allows for consideration of much more than merely how the Czechs and Slovaks relate to one another, (both now and previously.) This focus also offers an opportunity to explore how the Czech and Slovak people engage with the other peoples who live within their nations, and offers scope to spotlight border-crossing co-productions – those productions in which Czech and Slovak cast and crew, stories and locations have been mixed with those of other lands to produce films which have much to demonstrate about the benefits of being good neighbours.

It is CaSFFA’s mission to encourage active participation in and from the Czech and Slovak communities for the advancement of their culture in Australasia, and to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with Czech, Slovak and local businesses and cultural organisations.