2018 Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia

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The 6th Czech & Slovak Film Festival of Australia (CaSFFA) features a theme of "Spring".

This references new beginnings and acknowledges the 50 year anniversary of the "Prague Spring", the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia and the 25 year anniversary of the "Velvet Divorce", out of which peacefully emerged two bold new countries: Czechia and Slovakia.

Furthermore, as a springtime festival, CaSFFA is celebrating the urban legend of the Prague Spring-Man, "Pérák", a fearless fighter against fascism and, with a major retrospective, the legendary Czech filmmaker Věra Chytilová, whose masterpieces Daisies and Fruit of Paradise rank amongst the most emblematic films of the Prague Spring.

Further tapping into this year’s theme, the 6th CaSFFA also celebrates all that bubbles up in the effervescent spa town of Karlovy Vary, host to the Czech Republic’s renowned A-list international film festival.