Audience Lab: Videogames ACMI presents

Audience Lab: Games Testing

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Get an early look at Melbourne’s next hit games and delve behind the scenes with some of Melbourne's best and brightest independent games developers.

Playtest unreleased titles, discover the craft of game design and give designers crucial feedback to develop and refine their games.

This is a drop-in event. It's free, and you can stay and play as long as you like.

Games we'll be testing

Jumpgrid - Ian Maclarty

Jumpgrid is a minimalist action/puzzle hybrid about piloting an experimental craft through an ever-shifting cosmic obstacle course.

Ian MacLarty is an award-winning independent developer from Melbourne. He has an interest small-scale, experimental designs, often with a visual focus.

Wayward Strand - Ghost Pattern

Wayward Strand is a real-time story set in 1978 about a teenage girl who explores an airborne hospital and gets to know the patients within.

Based primarily in Melbourne, Ghost Pattern consists of game industry veterans alongside emerging artists and creators from outside the realm of digital games.

Chaos Tavern - DragonBear Studios

Can you survive running a fantasy tavern? Play four mediocre adventurers as they battle to pay off the mortgage on their magical inn.

DragonBear Studios is a collective of eccentric game developers who like dragons, puns, and diversity.

Little Reaper - Little Reaper Games

Little Reaper is a colourful 2.5D adventure platformer about Ollie, a tiny assistant Grim Reaper. Ollie accidentally let souls loose and now must journey through a giant world to get them back, or suffer the wrath of Death himself, or worse.. Get Fired!

Little Reaper Games is a small indie games based in Melbourne, striving to create charming games that don't take themselves too seriously.