Capturing Existence: the Films of Carlos Reygadas ACMI presents

Battle in Heaven

R18+ High impact sex scenes and actual sexual activity Scroll to content

“Promiscuously inhabiting several planes at once, Reygadas's restless inquisition may already be this year's movie to beat.”

Michael Atkinson , Village Voice

Premiering in Official Competition at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival to a “chorus of controversy and acclaim”, Reygadas's second feature offers a provocative commentary on contemporary Mexican society.

Marco is a chauffeur for a high-ranking official and spends much of his day ferrying the General’s twenty-something daughter Ana around Mexico City. Marco is a loyal confidant for Ana (and her secret life as a call-girl), so when he is forced to face his own criminal acts, he turns to Ana for solace.

Like his previous film Japón, Reygadas cast non-professional actors for Battle in Heaven. This coupled with the films depiction of inter-class sexual content has vastly overshadowed what stands as an epic and deeply affecting drama about moral corruption, love and redemption.