Melbourne International Animation Festival 2017 MIAF & ACMI Present

Best New Independent Chinese Animation

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Independent animation in China is finally beginning to make itself felt on the world stage. Chinese submissions to MIAF have been steadily tracking upwards in recent years. Evolving with it is an increasingly confident community of animators whose films weave often surprisingly surrealist and unpredictable narrative threads together to create films that span the east/west divide.

This program draws the best of these submissions together to showcase this emerging trend up on the big screen.

A Lone Bird Flying In The Snow, Piao Yue-hua: China, 4'38, 2015

Cells' Amusement Park, Li Ang, Cai Caibei: China, 4'18, 2016

Forever, Zhong Su: China, 7'17, 2016

So Red And A Little Blue, Luo Sijia: China, 4'00, 2016

Goodbye Utopia, Ding Shiwei: China, 7'31, 2014

Big Eyes, Liang Cuiping: China, 4'29, 2016

Books On Books, Lei Lei: China, 3'01, 2016

Balloon, Kang Mengchi, China, 5'49, 2015

Animal Year, Zhong Su: China, 7'02, 2016

The Abyss, Wu Zheng, Huang Liying, China, 3'56, 2016

Toe Petal Cosmos, Wang Qieer: China, 3'05, 2016

Another Man, Wang Weiyu: China, 4'47, 2015

Still, Yin Liu: China, 5'10, 2015

Missing One Player, Lei Lei: China, 4'32, 2015

Mirage, Yaya Xu: China, 4'27, 2014