FEM&IST Film Festival 2018 Fem&Ist Films presents

Body Positivity & Potential

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Body positivity is a social movement and a belief that all human beings are entitled to be positive and unashamed of their bodies. The feminine beauty ideal stipulates that the “ideal type” of woman is a slender, white, able-bodied and cisgendered woman. Any body deviating from that is penalised and policed by the dominant culture. This is a series of short films gives that ideology the middle finger, and explores pride in bodies outside the “ideal.”

Films screening in this session

Sleeveless, fearless, Hinni Huttunen: Finland, 2 mins, 2015

An exploration of fat and beauty.

Mother of Pearl, Denise Hauenstein: Brazil, 14 mins, 2014

In a tide oblivious to diversity, pearl oysters live under attack for not fitting into the standards and sizes.

Aquaporko, Kelli-Jean Drinkwater: Australia, 22 mins, 2013

The story of Melbourne's fat femme synchronised swim team sculling, egg beating and high kicking towards their first ever live performance.

Born Different, Hannah Stevens: Spain, 5 mins, 2017

A short film about wheelchair-using pole dance champion, Erin Clark.

No, Emilie Jouvet: France, 8 mins, 2017

Sexuality in a disabled body, articulated through dance.

Rebecca, Emilie Jouvet: France, 5 mins, 2017

An experimental film about body politics, enveloped in racial identity.

Reverend Mother, Lara Kosé: Australia,  6 mins, 2015

Sad goth party jams.