Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2018 ACMI and Freeplay presents

Branching Paths

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“The creativity and ideas that these developers bring to life are unlike anything I’ve ever seen”

From the 80s to the 2000s, the Japanese video game industry shook the world with its sheer creativity and innovation. But in recent years its technological authority has declined, with many Japanese developers keeping away from unconventional or high-risk projects.

Wanting to discover what is driving this shift and to hear the thoughts and feelings of the indie creators at the centre of it, director Anne Ferrero set off on a journey to create a documentary that could be shared with gamers all around the world. Her two year journey culminated in the documentary Branching Paths.

Branching Paths depicts a new world woven together by Japanese indie game developers, publishers and many more. It explores not only the struggles of artistic expression, but also the conflicts indie developers face gambling their own survival in pursuit of their dreams.

Branching Paths will be screening at Studio 1 at ACMI on Wednesday 23rd May at 8:30pm.