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Bye Bye Germany

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“At heart an admiring salute to European Jews who chose to stay put, toughing out painful reminders of the past to reclaim their violated patria”

The Hollywood Reporter

World War II has ended and Holocaust survivor David Bermann (The Baader Meinhoff Complex's Moritz Bleibtreu) is determined to rebuild a life in the rubble of post-war Frankfurt.

The only surviving member of a Jewish family who ran a fine linen emporium before the war, Bermann seizes on the idea of selling over-priced imported linens to guilt-ridden Germans, and enlists a rag-tag band of fellow concentration camp survivors to help peddle his wares.

“Adapted from German-Swiss novelist Michel Bergmann’s Teilacher trilogy about a group of travelling salesmen, this post-World War II period drama veined with melancholy humour…tells an unusual story with gusto…[Garbarski’s] handsome drama instantly distinguishes itself from...other screen depictions of Germany’s difficult reckoning with its past” The Hollywood Reporter