Changing the game: evolution of videogames

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Videogames haven't just had impacted culture, they've had a huge social impact as well. In this talk, students consider representation and accessibility through videogames and explore how videogames have evolved to be more than just entertainment.

This is a live virtual session run by ACMI Educators. It includes interactive activities and student participation.

This lesson focuses on:

- the impact of games culturally and socially

- issues around representation and accessibility in videogames

- how videogames go beyond entertainment

- games as tools for change

Learning areas and capabilities:

Media Arts, Ethical, Intercultural, Personal and Social

Important information:

Year level: 7 & 8

Capacity: one connection equals one class of up to 30 students

Price: $45 per connection/class

Times: Tuesday-Friday, 10 am or 11:45 am

Duration: 45 minutes

Lessons are delivered via Zoom with teachers receiving resources and log-in details at least a fortnight prior to the lesson.

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