Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia 2019 ACMI AND CaSFFA present

Christmas Wish

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The healing power of the crown of King Svarog is that of legend. With her father seriously ill, Princess Michaela (Simona Kollárová) sets out on an adventure to save him. Along the way she meets Martin, a blind blacksmith who is also looking for adventure. Upon realising that the princess has not returned from her quest Martin sets off after her. Befriending a sprite with his mother’s freshly-baked sweet buns, Martin overcomes many obstacles to finally find the old kingdom of King Svarog where he must face the evil wizard Vikan to save not just the princess, but the entire realm.

Christmas Wish is a change in pace for director Peter Bebjak (The Cleaner (2015) and The Line (2017)) and is a fairy tale that many will enjoy.

Christmas Wish is preceded by Mimi and Lisa: Christmas Lights Mystery (26 minutes), the latest episode from the much beloved Mimi and Lisa television program.

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Mimi & Lisa: Christmas Lights Mystery (2018)

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