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Cinemix: Woman in the Moon with live score by Jeff Mills

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“Lang beautifully toes the line between the absurd and the deadly serious”

Criterion Cast

Though laughed at by his peers, an astronomer who believes there's gold in the moon is taken very seriously by an American criminal, who fast-tracks their lunar quest by blackmailing an entrepreneur. 

Predating the first rocket to reach space by 13 years, and man's first visit to the moon by 40 years, Fritz Lang's not-so-science fiction film paints a remarkably accurate picture of rocket science and space exploration. The film was so accurate that it was banned in Germany in the lead up to the second World War. Preceded by a long history of science fiction that had taken a more fanciful view of space exploration, Woman in the Moon remains an important milestone in the genre and cinema to this day.

This very special screening will be presented with a live score by Detroit techno music producer Jeff Mills. Mills has composed the new sound track for this classic film for the Fritz Lang Film Retrospective at Cinematheque Francaise in 2011. This is his first performance of Woman in the Moon in Australia.

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