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Kumiko Murayama talks IA, Vocaloid technology and AI entertainment

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About the talk

In 2012, Kumiko Murayama's entertainment company 1st PLACE used the vocal synthesiser Vocaloid to create a virtual pop star named IA.

What started as a niche subculture exploded, and IA has since performed "live" at concerts in Los Angeles, New York and London, and her music has since been featured in the Mekakucity Actors anime and final volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga.

This year she joins the Asia Pop Fest lineup for her first live Melbourne performance.

In conversation with Jason O'Callaghan, executive producer of New Game Plus.

About Kumiko Murayama and 1st Place

Kumiko Murayama is president of the Japanese entertainment company, 1st PLACE, which manages the Grammy Award winning anisong singer Lia, the revered manga illustrator Sidu, and renaissance man JIN who created the multimedia work Kagerou Project (released in Australia as Mekakucity Actors).

She is at the forefront of spreading Japanese pop culture around the world, and constantly seeking to expand the opportunities for her artists, both real and virtual.

As the concept of virtual artists becomes demystified around the world, Murayama continues to push the understanding of what a virtual artist can be, both in music and beyond.

IA’s appearance at Asia TOPA is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


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