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Art, Politics and Protest

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Join artists Gabrielle De Vietri, Hanna Brontë and Eugenia Lim to talk video art and challenging provocations in the spheres of identity, immigration, race, nationalism and politics.

From exploring issues of gender and racial identity through the lens of hip-hop aesthetics to deconstructing the nature of globalisation and economics through video and performance, the artists will discuss their own practice in contemporary video art and film, and what excites them about the form's potential for political expression and social commentary.

Before the talk, show your ticket to attend an dedicated after-hours presentation of Soda_Jerk's sample-based political revenge fable Terror Nullius at 5.15pm.

About the speakers

Gabrielle de Vietri (b.1983) is an artist living and working in Naarm (Melbourne) on the stolen lands of the Kulin Nations. Her work is collaborative, conceptual and social, and has taken form as pedagogical systems, public interventions, community events, interactive performances, documents, invented languages, fictional historical insertions, lectures & gardens. Gabrielle is a co-founding member of the Artists' Committee, an informal association of artists and arts workers that makes collaborative public work around the intersection of money, ethics and culture. Since 2012 she is co-director, with Will Foster, of A Centre for Everything, a curated series of collaborative pedagogical, political and creative events.

Eugenia Lim works across video, performance and installation to explore nationalism and stereotypes with a critical but humorous eye. Lim invents personas to explore alienation and belonging in a globalised world. Her work has been exhibited, screened and performed at the TATE Modern, Dark MOFO, Melbourne Festival, Next Wave, GOMA, ACMI, Asia TOPA, firstdraft, Artereal Gallery, FACT Liverpool and EXiS Seoul. She has been artist-in-residence with the Experimental Television Centre NY, Bundanon Trust, 4A Beijing Studio and the Robin Boyd Foundation. In 2018-20, she is a Gertrude Contemporary studio artist. In addition to her solo practice, collaboration and community are important to Lim’s work. Lim co-founded Channels Festival, she was the founding editor (and current editor-at-large) of Assemble Papers and co-founded temporal art collective Tape Projects (2007–2013).

Hannah Brontë
Wakka Wakka // Yaegel
Hannah Brontë is a practicing visual artist living and working in Meanjin (Brisbane), QLD. Employing video art, costume design, weaving, textiles and installation, her vivid videos depict her imagined futures.
Self made textiles using microscopic, imagery of oestregen combined with camouflage explores the idea of female militia and adornes many of the heroines within these video works. The creator of Fempress, her dance parties combining live hip hop acts with large scale art installations, have become immersive artworks. DJ’ing at festivals all over Australia has seen Brontë combine her artwork with her music, slowly beginning the evolution of her imagined universes blurring and becoming reality.