School Holiday Program ACMI Presents

Create a Superhero Movie

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About the workshop

Are you a huge fan of the Marvel and DC series of films? Fancy yourself as the star of the next big superhero franchise? This two day workshop lets you script, star in and shoot a blockbuster short film in our professional green screen studio.

Movies featuring spellbinding superheroes and dastardly villains have been dominating our screens for the past decade. Now you too can create and feature in your own amazing film.

Over the course of two days kids will work in a group to craft an epic short film featuring eye-popping special effects and locations. You can fly, develop the power of super-speed or even shoot fireballs from your fists utilising the power of green screen technology and editing wizardry.

Learn about the power of narrative while developing your script cooperatively as a group, and experience a range of roles both in front of and behind the camera.