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About the hub

The Creative Producers Hub, a new initiative by Intermix, commissions young artists of different disciplines to create a work that explores new engagement with the moving image.

Over their 2-week residency, the Creative Producers produced an immersive moving image installation titled LAST ACTIVE.



The brain, by default, tries to quantify time in an attempt to outsmart it. When the organic structures in our brain begin to fade, our recollections lose their vividness. So we store things digitally, hoarding objects and photographs, creating infinite triggers to compensate for this loss.

However, every time we access memories, we accidentally change them - our triggers evoke incomplete and inaccurate memories, creating an internal glitch.

Does social media  do the same? If so, and our memories cannot retain their integrity, will we all be misremembered?


The Creative Producers Hub 2017
Creative Producers Hub - Last Active Teaser

Ti-Min Dolan

Ti-Min Dolan's work attempts to create physical spaces in the digital domain and digital ego in the real world, though unachievable it helps to highlight the complexity of integrating the two domains in which we live.

Using sound, portraiture and movement, Ti-Min's humorously confronting works are larger than life and over stimulating. Often situated as interruptions to festivities, dance pieces change the regular dynamic of an audience and the musician. Multi Channel Videos during the work HooraSet1 become back-up dancers in an echo chamber of the performers own fragile ego. Music developed from feld recordings depicted a need for Ti-Min to change his environment, to make it more exciting, more comfortable.

You can fnd Ti-Min online, or at other times he'll be right there in front of you, dancing and holding a bowl of noodles for you to eat.

Carla Zimbler

Under the pseudonym ‘ASTERISM’, Carla Zimbler creates glitchy, dreamy, saturated environments and deconstructs bodies into particles and shapes that reflect fragments of her memories and imaginings - twisted, exaggerated and bent beautifully out of shape. Carla has projection-mapped to fish factories, swimming pools, sculptures and abandoned façades in Australia and Scandinavia animating and breathing life onto blank walls and spaces. As a result of her time spent studying art in rural Iceland, Carla is fascinated by light and its effect on the body when absent. The night sky and northern lights also continuously inspire her design work, visuals and performances.

‘ASTERISM' is currently travelling the east coast creating video art and VJ-ing live at events and festivals. Completing a degree in Media Arts and Production at UTS, Carla also works as a performance photographer for theatre, video editor and is an illustration artist based in Sydney. You can view her work online via or on Instagram: @carlazimbler

Roxanne Halley

A passionate visual storyteller, Roxanne's background lies both in production design and directing, a marriage she feels has heavily influenced her approach to narrative filmmaking. Working from Melbourne, and having recently branched out to creating street-cast fashion films in Bangkok, Roxanne has been creating commercials, short films and music videos since 2012.

She has since maintained her focus on social justice, ethical media and female-led narratives and recently joined Eye Sea Films as a director where she is currently producing and directing a feature documentary on public housing in Melbourne. Roxanne was introduced to live video mixing through curating a 2016 Melbourne Music Week event, "Music in Motion", and has begun developing her skills to include video and projection art.