Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC 2017)

Crypto for Filmmakers, Newbies, Technophobes & You

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Why do I need to secure my privacy? What is a 'threat model?' Who is vulnerable in my network? What are trustworthy encrypted chat apps? How can I browse safely with a VPN and Tor? How can I email privately with Encrypted Email services? What is 2FA? What's good Password Management? If you've ever wondered these questions, prepare to have them answered.

In this non-threatening, open-to-all tutorial, technologist and filmmaker Nancy Schwartzman, along with Crypto Melbourne, will lead a data encryption party, which is inclusive and mindful of gender and race, in a language that's understandable

So bring your devices, grab a drink at the bar, and let’s get protected!

To secure a place in this workshop RSVP with the subject field 'Crypto' to