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Cultivating Murder

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Glen Turner was investigating illegal land clearing in rural NSW when he was found murdered on the side of the road.

The killer was Ian Turnbull, a wealthy NSW rural producer who had previously been prosecuted for illegal land clearing. During the murder trial, Turnbull pleaded not guilty on the grounds of  “substantial impairment”, claiming the Office of Environment and Heritage was bankrupting his family agribusiness and as a result, he suffered acute depression.

Cultivating Murder tells the story of four people who are deeply affected by the murder: Alison McKenzie, Glen’s partner; Fran Pearce, Glen’s younger sister; Alaine Anderson, a farmer in Croppa Creek and neighbour of the killer; and Phil Spark, an environmental consultant who has taken it upon himself to investigate cases of broadscale land-clearing when the government agencies fail to do so.

This is the film's Melbourne premiere.

A Q&A with director Gregory Miller will follow the screening on Saturday 13 May