FEM&IST Films Presents

FEM&IST Film Festival 2017

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FEM&IST Films presents an alternative film festival that explores how female and genderqueer empowerment operates in different communities. Through the moving image, they investigate who feels represented by feminism, who doesn’t, and why, with the intention of both celebrating and critically engaging in feminist discourse. Hakuna your tatas, the feminist film fiesta of your dreams is here!

Session One: Aboriginal Feminism 6pm  8pm

In homage to the original Australian matriarchs, the Indigenous women of the First Nations, the festival opens with a screening of Here I Am (Australia, 90 min, 2011, M). This will be followed by post film Q&A with Director Beck Cole and actress Pauline Whyman, moderated by Nayuka Gorrie. The film explores different kinds of Aboriginal matriarchies, those inherent and acquired, as Karen is released from prison and learns that freedom is hard to find when hearts are still broken.

Session Two: Women in Warzones 8:30pm  10pm

A series of short films discussing the roles and rights of women in various geo-political zones characterised by conflict; from Aleppo, to asylum, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This session will be followed by slam poetry readings, as the team at FEM&IST Films believe we need to transcend institutionalised modes of communication, in order to understand what it really means to listen. 

  • Robes of War (Robe De Guerre) | Michèle Cournoyer: Canada, 5 min, 2008, Unclassified All Ages. This animated short is a lyrical exploration of the impact of war on women, their bodies and their families.
  • Set Her Free | Priya Sundram: UK, 4 min, 2008, Unclassified All Ages. This short animation highlights the experiences of refugee women, many of whom have survived sexual violence and torture, who are held in detention.
  • Inner Me | Antonio Spanò: Democratic Republic of Congo, 30 min, 2016, Unclassified 15+. Inner Me is a short documentary about women, deafness and courage.
  • Syria's Rebellious Women I Zaina Erhaim: Syria, 32 min, 2016, Unclassified 15+. 2016 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards finalist Zaina Erhaim offers rare insight into the heroines of rebel-held Syria; a side of Syria rarely seen in the media.



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Aboriginal Feminism - Wed 22 Nov 6pm

Women in Warzones - Wed 22 Nov 8.30pm