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The Freeplay 2018 Conference

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Freeplay 2018

In 2018, Freeplay explores the intersections where games and play collide with other artforms, creative disciplines, and cultural conversations. As Freeplay continues to support grassroots, fringe, and alternative videogames, we feel it’s important that we do so in a broader cultural context—videogames and games culture do not exist in a vacuum.

We encourage our audiences to critically examine and challenge their approach to making games, drawing inspiration from neighbouring creative fields like visual arts, architecture, theatre, history, fashion, culinary arts, literature, film, music, and more, while inviting creative practitioners from these fields to look closer at games.

2018’s theme is also a celebration of the intersections of diversity, activism, and representation in games. We believe games are more intertwined with the social, the political, and the cultural like never before. Freeplay is a reminder that making games is as much about paying attention and responding to these matters as it is about creating and selling a product, object, or service.

So together let’s explore all the interesting nooks, avenues, and intersections of games and playful media at Freeplay 2018!

Freeplay is a two-day conference. Ticket includes both conference days (Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 May) and the Awards Ceremony on Sunday 27 May.

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