Game stories

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In this short workshop students are introduced to narrative design concepts for videogames. They'll then plan, write and code their own piece of interactive fiction that utilises branching narrative techniques and game mechanics.

Students will:

- get an introduction to narrative design and the role of a narrative designer

- apply an understanding of narrative game features to an original work

- look at different types of interactive narrative forms such as linear, branching, as well as features such as gating and variables

- explore the relationship between narrative and game mechanics

- paper prototype their narrative

- use interactive fiction software Twine to produce a playable story level featuring specialised code and prose

Learning areas and capabilities:

English, Media Arts, Digital technologies, Visual Arts, Critical and Creative thinking.

Important information:

Year level: 9 & 10

Capacity: maximum of 30 students

Price: $355

Times: Wednesdays during school terms, 10:00 am or 12:45 pm.

This workshop runs for 105 minutes and includes a visit to the ACMI exhibition at either 11:00 am (afternoon booking) or 12:00 pm (morning booking).


Available from 13 July 2020.

Online bookings for this program are currently unavailable. Please inquire via email or phone.