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Games Net

ACMI created Games Net to extend the learning for gifted students and to enable schools to harness the many positive learning opportunities video games offer the greater school community.

Games Net invites gifted and talented students across Victoria to collaborate online and in person to produce their own video games. Working with industry mentors and in teams, the students develop and use contemporary communication and project coordination skills.

After several months of working together online, learning to use coding software, and creating art and audio, the teams present their games at ACMI at the Games Net showcase and celebration!

Games Net wasfunded as part of the Victorian Government Strategic Partnerships Program through the Department of Education and Training through to the end of 2017.

Who was involved?

The program brought in young people aged 9-15 from different Government schools, and living across city, suburban and regional areas, to advance their game development skills and knowledge.

Schools, Government institutions, tertiary education facilities (universities and game focused institutions including some of their students) and industry professionals are also encouraged to be an integral part of the program with ACMI. Games Net leverages the diverse and specialised expertise of this collective group.

Schools involved in 2016

What's the outcome?

The groups produce their own fantastic games to present at our Games Net Showcase. The participants themselves develop invaluable coding and game production skills, teamwork and project coordination skills, and their ability to use professional online communications software and learning resources. Presenting their work to other teams and negotiating tasks affords invaluable simulations of real industry environments.

Games Net is also the centre of a study by Victoria University aimed at quantifying the levels of enhanced learning this online collaborative game making offers.



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