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“One of the greatest psychological thrillers ever made”

Rotten Tomatoes

A high-tension mystery-melodrama helmed by acclaimed Hollywood director George Cukor, Gaslight garnered multiple awards including the Best Actress Academy Award for its phenomenally successful and talented star, Ingrid Bergman, as well as Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor (Charles Boyer), Best Supporting Actress (Angela Lansbury, in a stunning film debut) and Best Cinematography for the noir-inflected black and white photography by multiple Oscar-winner, Joseph Ruttenberg (Mrs Miniver, Gigi). 

Frequent Orson Welles collaborator, Joseph Cotton (The Magnificent Ambersons, The Third Man) co-stars as the Scotland Yard detective who plays a pivotal role in unraveling the dark mystery at the heart of Cukor’s enthralling film.