Melbourne Queer Film Festival ACMI & MQFF presents

Hooking Up

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Hooking up can happen in the most unexpected places, as we discover in this collection of steamy and eye-opening shorts. Discover what it was like picking up in East Berlin in the 80s, how to navigate the thorny subject of picking up your bestie’s crush and what to do when you bump into a loved one at an exclusive orgy.

Contains sexually explicit material

Films screening in this session

Rubber Dolphin, Dir: Ori Aharon, 2018, Israel, 28 mins

ruok, Dir: Jay Russell, 2018, USA, 13 mins

Free Fall, Dir: Santiago Henao Vélez, 2018, Colombia, 14 mins

Enter, Dir: Manuel Billi, Benjamin Bodi, 2018, France, 18 mins

Far Out, Dir: Jan-Peter Horstmann, 2018, Germany, 24 mins