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I am Not Madame Bovary

M Mature themes

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“A film that luxuriates, through that beguiling round frame, in breathtaking, never-seen-before screen imagery”

The Times

Li Xueilian (Chinese star Bingbing Fan) and her husband Qin Yuhe agree to stage a fake divorce to secure an apartment reserved for singles. The sham divorce becomes real when Qin Yuhe marries another woman. Furious at his deception and incensed when her former husband publicly slanders her, Li embarks on a dogged quest to redeem her reputation. 

Adapted from Liu Zhenyun’s novel, I Am Not Pan Jinlian, Feng Xiaogang’s comically sly morality tale plays up the story’s satirical elements. Notwithstanding the deadpan tone, Bingbing Fan brings tremendous pathos to the role of Li.  

Xiaogang also takes a bold approach aesthetically with most of the film presented within a circular frame. Only when Li leaves provincial China and travels to Beijing to lodge an appeal does the screen format expand to fill the frame. 

"Has a sublime visual elegance...with wondrous pictorial effects" Screen International 

Exclusive limited season! 

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