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I furrow my own film: Isabelle Huppert as Screen Actor

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Few actors are more celebrated in the world today than French star Isabelle Huppert. She is praised for her versatility, her good taste in projects and directors, and her willingness to go to any extreme (of drama or comedy, commercial genre or avant-garde experiment). Yet little has been said about what her acting physically, materially involves. What is her art and her craft as a performer?

In this presentation with clips, Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin delve into Huppert’s “non-psychological” approach.

Cristina Álvarez López is a film critic and video maker based in Vilassar de Mar (Spain). Her work has appeared in MUBI Notebook, LOLA, and De Filmkrant, and in books on Chantal Akerman, Bong Joon-ho, Philippe Garrel, and Paul Schrader. Her website is:

Adrian Martin is an arts critic based in Vilassar de Mar (Spain). He is the author of eight books on cinema, and co-editor of LOLA journal online ( His ongoing archive website of film reviews, covering 40 years of writing, is at