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Ice Mother

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“Award-winning Czech director Bohdan Sláma has made a touching portrait of two older souls coming together”

Sydney Film Festival

Widowed Hana (Zuzana Krónerová) is devoted to her thankless sons, their quietly exasperated wives and her grandchildren, but not unreasonably feels taken for granted.  

Despite the care she takes to host lovingly prepared family meals, her sons are keen for her to sell the family home. When she becomes involved with a local ice-swimming club and the gruff yet attentive Broňa, (Pavel Nový), Hana rediscovers a zest for life and the unexpected support of a friendship circle outside her own family.

Slovak star Zuzana Krónerová and Czech actor Pavel Nový - who will be familiar to fans of Jan Svankmajer films such as Little Otik (2000) and Conspirators of Pleasure (1996) - embody their characters with brio and generous-spirited warmth in a charming and poignant later-in-life romance.