12th Indonesian Film Festival Presented by the Indonesian Film Festival

Three Sassy Sisters

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“an homage to Tiga Dara, the musical classic... Three Sassy Sisters updates the timeless tale to the modern age whilst retaining its heart.”

Ini Kisah Tiga Dara is the remake of 1956 musical comedy film ‘Tiga Dara’, with Nia Dinata directing and Lucky Kuswandi writing the script.

Gendhis (Shanty), Ella (Tara Basro), and Bebe (Tatyana Akman) move to Flores with their father.

The three sisters, each with unique personalities, are trusted to run the family hotel business in Maumere.

When Oma (Titiek Puspa), their grandmother, comes, the sisters begin to question their dreams and ambitions, especially when Oma begins trying to arrange marriages.