Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia 2019 ACMI AND CaSFFA present

Intimate Enemy

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Zuzana (Gabriela Marcinková) is an up-and-coming sculptor living and working in Bratislava. Her husband, Andrej (Vojtěch Dyk), is a computer programmer who has created a prototype for a Smart House. Andrej’s Smart House offers residents a whole new living experience where everything is perfect and nothing can go wrong. The couple move into the prototype so that Andrej can fully test the product which is programmed to cater to Zuzana’s every whim and keep her safe at all costs. Isolated and alone in the Slovakian countryside, Zuzana feels uncomfortable with the house watching her and despite Andrej dismissing her concerns, events quickly turn sinister.

Karel Janák’s latest feature is a highly stylised slow-burn that highlights a situation that could very easily become a reality in just a few years, would you react the way Zuzana does? Would you live in a Smart House?