Non-Fiction 2019 ACMI & AIDC present

Island of the Hungry Ghosts

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“Brady inspires an audience to lean in, with the accumulation of small details gradually adding up to something extraordinarily powerful.”

Having relocated her family to the tiny Australian territory of Christmas Island, Poh Lin, a trauma counsellor spending her days coaxing stories from detained asylum seekers in a high security facility, must decide whether her services are doing any good.  Meanwhile, on the same island, millions of red crabs begin their natural migration from the jungle to the ocean’s edge.

Gabrielle Brady’s follow-up to, and expansion of her 2017 short documentary The Island is a haunting and moving exploration of an island with a long history of migration spanning thousands of years.  Featuring an award-winning score by Aaron Cupples, Island of the Hungry Ghosts screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, receiving the award for Best Documentary Feature.

Please join us after the screening for a very special Q&A with director Gabrielle Brady.