ACMI presents

Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

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“beautiful and hallucinatory... the greatest animated romance since Tim Burton’s stop-motion masterpiece Corpse Bride”

Edinburgh, 1874. Jack is born on the coldest day the world has ever seen and his heart remains frozen. Doctor Madeleine saves him by replacing his defective heart with a mechanical clock. He will survive with this magical contraption so long as he respects three rules: he must never touch the clock’s hands; he must control his anger; and he must never, ever fall in love. A once-off encounter with Miss Acacia, a little street singer, makes his cuckoo-clock heart skip a beat and despite the extreme strain on his mechanical ticker, Jack is prepared to do anything to find her again and so, like Don Quixote, sets out on a quest for love that will take him from the Scottish lochs to Paris, and from there to Andalusia.

Romance, adventure, comedy, a cast of colourful characters and fantastic graphic design, Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart is a magnificently original love story set in an exciting period full of fabulous inventions, spooky characters and fantastic adventures. Adapted by Mathias Malzieu from his own bestselling novel, this is a superbly animated movie about passion and the acceptance of others.

Daytime screenings will be with English dialogue featuring the voices of Samantha Banks as Miss Acacia, Jessie Buckley as Luna, Stephane Cornichard as Georges Méliès and Orlando Seale as Jack. In the French language version (screening in the evening) the dulcet tones of Mathias Malzieu as Jack are joined with Rossy de Palma as Luna and French acting royalty Jean Rochefort as Méliès.