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“Alberto Iglesias’ jazzy score is affecting and the rest of the film’s craft... is typically exquisite... only a master of his art could make it look so easy”

Time Out London

Adapted from Alice Munro's short stories, Almodovar's latest film is a characteristically emotion-charged melodrama that explores a woman's passions and regrets, rendered in the Spanish master's distinctive visual style.

Middle-aged Julieta (Emma Suarez) is set to leave Madrid with her partner, Lorenzo, (Dario Grandinetti) and relocate to Portugal when she runs into Bea (Michelle Jenner), a childhood friend of her now adult daughter, Antía.

This chance meeting sets off a flood of memories in Julieta.

In a story that spans three decades, Suarez shares the role of Julieta with Adriana Ugarte who plays Julieta as a younger woman.

Screens in Spanish with English subtitles.