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Based on the novel by Mitsuo Kakuta, Just Only Love is a reflection on the current relationship status for many young disaffected Japanese discovering that love is complicated. For Teruko Yamada, a 20-something office worker, finding a potential partner has been easy, but getting them to reciprocate is proving a challenge. While it seems that everyone around her is happily in love, Teruko is stuck in a one sided love with the aloof, shaggy haired and unremarkable magazine designer Mamoru Tanaka. 

Meanwhile, Mamoru gets a taste of his own one-sided romance from the older and wiser Sumire (Noriko Eguchi) who tells it like it is. Teruko’s unwavering love for Mamoru shows unquestioning commitment and is perhaps a little concerning. But as the saying goes, ‘the fruits of your labour will be rewarded' and eventually Teruko and Mamoru form an ambiguous maybe-relationship. With her work and personal life spiralling out of control, Teruko continues to fall further into the depths of love with almost nothing left to lose. 

Director Rikiya Imaizumi challenges the viewer’s idea of love with this stark, revealing film about the human condition with all its flaws and charms.

2018 Tokyo International Film Festival – Nominee Tokyo Grand Prix, Best Film

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