Kyindoo Wilam 1 - Learning Place

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A collection of short films and animations from Canada. Contains some adult themes.

This is a place where kids can come and ngalampa (sit), yana-bul ngarnga-dha (hear/listen) and learn together. 

This session is classified as Unclassified All Ages - Contains mild adult themes

Films screening in this sesssion


Director: Terril Calder (Metis) | 2017 | Canada | 9 mins | English

The moth’s powerful transformational gifts can bring us from one world to the next. In this stunning work the moth brings home 12-year-old Chanie Wenjack and serves for metaphor and call for change in the often fraught relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canada.



Director: Terril Calder (Metis) | 2013 | Canada | 3 mins | English

Repercussions is a portal that examines the link aboriginal people have to the lands history and resonates into a future that is strengthen by this acknowledgement.



Director: Terril Calder (Metis) | 2016 | Canada | 15 mins | English

SNIP examines the reclamation of history, literally 'snipping' it out of past colonial ideologies. Through the stories of Charlie and Niska, two children caught in the residential school system, and Gorden and Annie, two urban Aanisinaabe, the film's ever shifting gaze moves into an indigenous perspective.


The Gift

Director: Terril Calder (Metis) | 2011 | Canada | 2 mins | English

The "Gift" is an exploration of betrayal and deception wrapped in a cozy blanket infested with the smallpox disease.



Director: Amanda Strong (Metis, Michif) | 2018 | Canada | 19 mins | English | Anishanaabe

Accompanied by a 10,000-year-old shapeshifter and friend known as Sabe, Biidaaban sets out on a mission to reclaim the ceremonial harvesting of sap from maple trees in an unwelcoming suburban neighbourhood in Ontario.


So Alone 

Director: Lonnie Thomas Dixon (Nakoda)  | 2017 | Canada | 6 mins | English

In this project Lonnie tells the story of the obstacles and adversity he has had to overcome. The story is about a boy who deals with growing up around addiction and later learning how it affected him. It talks about the rejection he felt, and how regardless of what his father put him through, the love and passion. The film features clips of him telling the story about his journey with his little sister and his late father’s horse named Blackie.


Idle No More

Director: Ginger Cote (Algonquin) | 2017 | Canada | 5 mins | English

Heather Archibald was a social activist and foster care child who passed away. Her strong words are honoured in this film, demanding a change in the attitude of the Law concerning native people in Canada. Ginger Côté wants her spirit and message to be remembered for generations to come.


Wamin (La Pomme/The Apple)  

Director: Katherine Néquado (Atikamekw) | 2017 | Canada | 2 mins | French | English subtitles

Wamin means apple in Atikamekw. Red on the outside, white on the inside. It’s an insult to people who leave their communities to go and live in the city. A young Atikamekw woman shows that living outside her reserve does not make her any other person than who she really is.


Nuhe Nenë Boghilnih (Protecting Our Homeland)

Director: Ashton Janvier (Denée) | 2017 | Canada | 3 mins| English

Protecting our Homeland is to inspire the young generation to start caring about our lands and cultures. It is also to promote awareness on the uranium mining exploration in Patterson lake, SK. Not only does this mining exploration affect the promises of Treaty 10, it will also destroy the natural resources, harm wildlife and ruin the land.


Protect Our Future Daughters

Directors: Helena Lewis & Maryanne Junta (Mi’gmaq) | 2017 | Canada | 5 mins | English

Protect our Future Daughters is a short docu-drama that educates viewers about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) of Canada and the Red Dress Project, narrated by Maryanne Junta, a young activist woman.