Melbourne International Animation Festival 2019 MIAF & ACMI Present

La Casa Lobo

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In a picture-perfect valley in the shadow of the Andes, a rural colony is home to German immigrants and their offspring. At first La Casa Lobo cleverly pretends to be an archival film singing the praises of ‘Colonia Dignidad’. Soon enough, though, the film skews left into a more sinister tale, feeding off familiar children’s stories – from Little Red Riding Hood to The Three Little Pigs – all the time leading us into the darker menagerie contained within its boundaries.

La Casa Lobo is the place where Maria takes refuge after she has escaped from the colony. The wolf is Paul Schaeffer, a former SS Officer, who has moved to Chile, a notorious pedophile and a zealous torturer working for Pinochet and the head of the Colony. As if in some sort of dream lock-step the house reacts to Maria’s feelings and transforms her stay into a nightmarish experience.

Sometimes reminiscent of an Eraserhead-style Lynchian nightmare, La Casa Lobo is quite a journey – a journey doubly weighted by the raw, full-scale, viscerally hands-on and determinedly physical nature of the animation technique León and Cociña bring to the game.