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Le Ride

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“Punctuated with helicopter shots, the French countryside is arresting, but what's truly amazing is Keoghan's amiable calm”

Amazing Race host, adventurer and cycling enthusiast Phil Keoghan, pays tribute to his heroes by duplicating one of the most remarkable feats in the sport’s history.

In 1928, Sir Hubert Opperman, two other Australians and one Kiwi teamed up to compete in the Tour de France. Racing as an untested team of four, the Australasians were conspicuously raw amongst the elite ten-man European teams, but they were tenacious and learned fast. The untrained underdogs were the first English-language cyclists to compete in the then infamous Tour.

Following the path of these trailblazers, Phil Keoghan and friend Ben Cornell are determined – some might say recklessly so – to get as close to duplicating the notorious ride as possible. Though following the 1928 route around the perimeter of France is increasingly difficult, the pair travel the 3,500 miles (5,600 km), in 22 stages over 26 days on restored vintage bikes with no gearshifts.

The film captures the intense challenge to keep pace with the daily progress related by 1928 New Zealand cyclist Harry Watson in his vivid journals. Handsomely shot, and rich in fascinating detail and photographic evidence of Sir Hubert “Oppy” Opperman and his teammates’ epic achievement, Keoghan’s film feels their pain so that you don’t have to. It’s a stirring salute.