Jean-Pierre Melville: The Outsider ACMI Cinemas Presents

Le Samouraï

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“The closest to a perfect movie that I have ever seen”

John Woo

In a role that would define his career, Alain Delon stars as the titular anti-hero, a hitman whose moral code slowly unravels when a hit on a night club owner goes south after he's witnessed leaving the scene. As he scrambles to provide a believable alibi, his perfectly austere existence begins to crumble. 

Of all Jean-Pierre Melville's noir tinged crime sagas, Le Samouraï has had the most pervasive influence on other filmmakers. It's crisp, minimal and nonchalant style has bled into the films of directors as diverse as John Woo, Olivier Assayas and Quentin Tarantino.