Juliette Binoche Forever ACMI presents

Let The Sunshine In

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“...at once a cold bath of realism and a bewitching portrait of the power of love.”

Juliette Binoche is Isabelle, a Parisian artist and middle-aged divorcée moving from relationship to relationship, from her ex-husband for whom she still has affection, to the banker who bosses her around and the handsome actor who has an inability to make a decision. Hungry for love but afraid of never having a meaningful relationship with a man again, Isabelle grapples with the keys to fulfillment. Joined by an illustrious cast, including Josiane Balasko, Gerard Depardieu, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Nicolas Duvauchelle, Binoche is radiant as a woman yearning to find happiness at a time when it feels like a rare commodity.

Academy Award winner Juliette Binoche shines in this new film from acclaimed French filmmaker Claire Denis (Beau Travail, White Material). Loosely based on Roland Barthes’s A Lovers Discourse, and an award winner at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, Let the Sunshine In is a sophisticated romantic comedy examining female companionship and sexual desire.