Let's get animated!

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The evolution and ingenuity of animation takes centre stage in this enlightening talk that looks at student-made work to inspire participants to create and animate. Students explore the science behind how animation works alongside the wonderful opportunities animation offers for expression, visual engagement, and storytelling. 

This is a live virtual session run by ACMI Educators. It includes interactive activities and student participation, as well as post-lesson activities.

This lessons focuses on:

- student made animations

- history of animation and various animation techniques

- demystifying the animation process to inspire students in their own creations

Learning areas and capabilities:

Media Arts, History, Digital Technologies, Science, Critical and Creative Thinking

Important information:

Year levels: 3-6

Capacity: one connection equals one class of up to 30 students

Price: $45 per connection/class

Times: Tuesday-Friday, 10am or 11:45am

Duration: 45 minutes

Lessons are delivered via Zoom with teachers receiving resources and log-in details at least a fortnight prior to the lesson.

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